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Five training center Airmen represent year's ‘outstanding’

2017 TEC Airmen of the Year

From the top, left, Master Sgt. Timothy Kinnan, Tech. Sgt. DeAndrew L. Williams, Staff Sgt. David T. Wethington, Dustin C. Russell, and Sabrina Tullock are the I.G. Brown Training and Education Center's 2017 Outstanding Airmen of the Year. (U.S. Air National Guard file photo illustration)


The Commander of the I.G. Brown Training and Education Center announced this week the organization's Senior NCO, NCO, Airman, and Civilians of the Year.

Awardees receive recognition at the next commander's call, a time-off award, and other accolades.

“Please help me congratulate the following individuals for their selection as TEC's 2017 outstanding Airmen,” said Col. Kerry R. Lovely, commander, in a staff-wide email.

Senior NCO: Master Sgt. Timothy Kinnan is a broadcast journalist assigned to the Professional Continuing Education Division.

NCO: Tech. Sgt. DeAndrew L. Williams is a professional military education instructor assigned to the Chief Master Sergeant Paul H. Lankford Enlisted PME Center.

Airman: Staff Sgt. David T. Wethington is an additional duty airman for operational support assigned to the Mission Support Division.

Civilian II: Sabrina Tullock is the executive assistant assigned to the Commandant at Lankford EPME Center.

Civilian III: Dustin C. Russell is an instructional systems specialist assigned to PCE Division.

“I appreciate all your hard work and contributions, inside and outside TEC,” Colonel Lovely said. “Your efforts make this the great organization it is and betters the community.”

SNCO of the Year

Supervisors said that Kinnan produced an ANG101 video that markets the Air National Guard well, in three running-time versions. The Director of the Air National Guard, Lt. Gen. L. Scott Rice, lauded the video during a showcase of the service’s capabilities. Kinnan also completed 24 hours of Federal Aviation Administration, Unmanned Aircraft Systems certification training. He is one of five in ANG public affairs who are cleared to operate cameras on the UAS platform.  In doing so, he benchmarked this Air Force process and technology.  In his spare time, Kinnan chaired the TEC history committee and procured personnel to inventory and photograph more than 700 items in the historical archive.

NCO of the Year

Supervisors said that Williams logged 168 hours in the classroom, which ensured mission ready staff sergeants. He streamlined the EPME Test and Analysis Report outside class, which identified and recommended cuts to low-risk tasks - this resulted in a 15 percent time savings and increased staff development. Moreover, Williams was the primary training instructor, where he evaluated 72 hours of instructional feedback and enhanced faculty effectiveness by 25 percent. Williams maintained his CPR/First Responder certifications by accomplishing those courses with an impressive 92 percent average; thereby, serving TEC’s medical response posture. Williams served as the Enlisted Council Vice President, which is responsible for enhancing TEC’s staff development and teamwork.

AMN of the Year

Supervisors said that Wethington increased efficiency and provided critical support in the management of the campus's 350,000 square foot and $66 million in real property value - his efforts were vital to TEC's success during a human resources lapse in the support contract. Moreover, he attended a professional development event at the Combat Readiness Training Center in Savannah, Ga., and received praise for his performance in the course review. Wethington is an active volunteer in his church's outreach program, where he spent 20 hours with the local food bank that provided meals for 100 persons.

CIV II of the Year

Supervisors said that Tullock drove the EPME center’s divisional administrative operations as she managed the commandant's tasks and guided a 40-member staff at the largest Air Force EPME Center. She shouldered operations continuity during the commandant's absence, which ensured mission success. Tullock was a key volunteer to the 134th Air Refueling Wing, where she coordinated crisis support for two families, which underscored the Air Force’s focus on warrior care.  Also, she devoted 40 hours of childcare to support weekly spiritual development events that enabled 40 families to focus on resiliency.

CIV III of the Year

Russell deployed with surge capacity for 45 days to Houston to support FEMA and the Texas Individual Assistance Program in the wake of natural disasters - he helped clear a backlog of 815,000 cases. As part of that Surge Capacity Force Deployment, he also contributed assistance to more than 400 households and the distribution of $13 million in emergency funds. In his work at TEC, he developed a training plan for his division and conducted more than 80 hours of training in Advanced Distributive Learning management and Instructor Certification Program certification. Supervisors called Russell the “go-to-advisor for goal achievement,” to include mentoring peers to achieve full potential. Russell volunteered 12 hours at the local elementary school garden where he landscaped and provided diversified learning for 850 students.

(Supervisor award packages contributed to this report)