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About the I.G. Brown Training and Education Center

Welcome to the I.G. Brown Training and Education Center. We are confident that you are going to enjoy your education experience on our campus. We take great pride in providing you with what we consider to be the best enlisted professional military education and professional continuing education experience in the United States Air Force. Our instructors and staff are handpicked from Airmen throughout the Air Force, Air National Guard, and Air Force Reserve Command. We are dedicated to providing you one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of your career. Learn more about TEC

For detailed information you will need during your stay here, please check out our Digital Directory by clicking here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 Counseling, Spiritual, SARC

Chaplain, 865-336-3526, at Wingman Hall available for spiritual and counseling needs. EPME classes in session midweek spiritual study Wed 6 pm, Contemporary Worship Service, Sun 9 a.m.

TEC First Sergeant, 865-336-3866

TEC/134th ARW Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, Stone Waters, 865-405-2828; DoD 24/7 Safe Help Line 877-995-5247. Restricted/Unrestricted Reporting options.

 Public Affairs

Does TEC have social media accounts?

Yes, our Facebook and X accounts are linked at our homepage. We also post images, video and news to the Defense Video Imagery Distribution System.

Can I submit a Hometown News Release for my event or graduation?

Absolutely! We are among the select DoD units with easy online Joint Hometown News Release submission. Go to https://jhns.release.dma.mil/public. Choose McGhee Tyson ANGB for your base and I.G. Brown Training and Education Center for your unit and select from the Event menu or write in your event.

I'm a reporter. Who can I call for my news assignment?

For TEC media queries, contact the Public Affairs Office at (865) 336-4106, or email, angtec.tec.pa.org@us.af.mil, Mon-Fri, 8 am-4 pm, EST.

Who do I contact for public release clearance on photographs and other media?

(865) 336-4106

 Conferencing and Workshops

What can the campus offer for my conference/workshop?

Our multiple facilities and venues offer you the Air National Guard's most picturesque location to conduct your next workshop or conference. TEC University also provides virtual conferencing broadcast opportunities for prospective students and conferees through it's live-streaming services. 

What else do you offer for workshops?

Our facilities include a parade field and modern auditorium. There's also a 24-hour exercise track and field, tennis and basketball courts, weight and circuit training room, indoor basketball and volleyball, dining facility, BX, barber shop, dry cleaning and fuel station.

What size events can you handle?

Our classrooms and lecture hall areas can accommodate most medium sized events, but please contact us for details: 865-336-3855. Our newest classroom and dormitory facility helps us accommodate even more.

Can you handle my larger event?

That's very possible. Contact us for opportunities to tailor and handle large gatherings: 865-336-3855.

 TEC University

TEC-U develops and delivers training and educational content to the Air National Guard. They do this with various capabilities such as broadcasting, curriculum development, video production, and more. Click here to learn about all of the capabilities TEC-U offers to the Air National Guard.

Can TEC-U staff build my training course?

Although we are not the experts in your training needs, we can work with you to identify if your training is educationally sound, is the best method of delivery, and reaches the level of learning needed by your students. We can also audit your existing courses to point out training gaps. Our training experts help you transform a "briefing" into a teachable lesson with student participation and evaluations. We may help you achieve CCAF accreditation for some training. Please call (865) 336-3859 for more information.

Can TEC-U travel to deliver courses or the instructor certification?

Definitely, but at the requesting unit's or state's expense. We are happy to bring our professional development options or Instructor Certification Program to your unit to train a larger, more focused group of Airmen. The number of instructors needed is based on the customer's requested course of instruction.

Is the TEC accredited with the Community College of the Air Force?

Yes, both the Lankford EPME Center and TEC University have CCAF accreditations. Check with us to see if your course earns you college credits or you would like your course reviewed for CCAF accreditation.


 Base Exchange
  • Mon thru Fri, 6 am-6 pm
  • Sat, 9 am-5 pm
  • UTA Weekends: Sat, 6 am - 6pm, Sun 9 am-5 pm
  • 865-336-3400
  • 24hr gas
  • Snack avenue, coffee, roller grill, hot to go
  • Barber Shop: 865-336-3401 
  • Dry Cleaning/Alterations available
 Rockytop Dining Hall


  • Menu 865-336-4343
  • Breakfast 5:45-8 am, $4.30
  • Lunch 10:45 am-1 pm, $6.85
  • Dinner 4:45-6:30 pm, $5.95



 Enlisted Professional Military Education

Where can I find the EPME Center Student Guide?

The Chief Master Sergeant Paul H. Lankford Enlisted PME Center Student Guide for Noncommissioned Officer Academy and Airman Leadership School is linked at the Units tab of this web site.

Where can I find my flight and/or graduation photos?

EPME images are posted to the news/photos section under Enlisted Professional Military Education on the public web site as well as on our Facebook account after they are cleared for public release.

Where can I obtain a copy of my ALS and NCOA transcript?

The Community College of the Air Force grants college credits for resident and satellite NCOA (11 credits) and ALS (10 credits) course completion. Go to: http://www.airuniversity.af.mil/Barnes/CCAF/.

How can I attend my student's graduation or banquet?

Contact your Airman or loved-one about their graduation. It is the student's responsibility to inform and invite unit leadership and/or family to their EPME graduation. Of note, most EPME graduations are broadcast online, through live streaming video to TEC's Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/ANGTECTV/. Look for postings on Eastern time zone livestream broadcast times a day or so before graduation.  


Col. Angela M. Tapia

Col. Angela M. Tapia

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