ANG CCM visits TEC EPME students

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Mavi Smith
  • The I.G. Brown Air National Guard Training and Education Center
The Command Chief Master Sergeant of the Air National Guard addressed the largest group of enlisted professional military education students ever at The I.G. Brown Air National Guard Training and Education Center during a presentation at Wilson Hall here, March 3.

Command Chief Master Sgt. Chris Muncy spoke to more than 260 service members attending the current Noncommissioned Officer Academy and Airman Leadership School classes.

A big proponent of enlisted professional military education, Muncy makes visiting the Training and Education Center a top priority.

"It's very important our students get to hear our senior enlisted leaders' perspectives," said Chief Master Sgt. Deborah Davidson, the commandant of the Lankford Center. "Chief Muncy is a very strong communicator and we appreciate him making the time in his schedule to address the students."

With a significant increase to 126 Air Force students in this class, Muncy saw an opportunity to create a greater understanding, awareness and appreciation of the Air National Guard.

His presentation focused on the unique differences between the Air National Guard and the Air Force in terms of mission requirements and contributions to national strategy.

Muncy also stressed the importance of AFI 36-2618, The Enlisted Force Structure, and the responsibilities of enlisted members.

"This is a turning point in your blue suit career," he told the students. "A chance to step out of the game for 6 weeks and assess where you are and where you need to go."

He challenged them to be active, visible leaders and to always adhere to paragraph 3.1.4, Maintain the highest level of personal readiness to meet mission requirements.

"Chief Muncy is the perfect role model for our students," said Col. Richard B. Howard, commander of The I.G. Brown Air National Guard Training and Education Center. "Between his experience, devotion and energy for professional military education...I think he's the glue that helps make this educational experience have meaning."