Fitness program gets jumpin'

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Mike R. Smith
  • I.G. Brown Training and Education Center
The first fitness class held in Wilson Hall here March 30 kept its participants sweating.

More than a half-dozen Airmen joined in an afternoon intensity cardio-class for the I.G. Brown Training and Education Center's new fitness program.

"It's short bursts of high intense, cardio," said Master Sgt. Juan P. Castro, educational resources manager, who led the group. "It's not intended to build muscle it's designed to burn fat."

The Commander announced the program this month as a workout option for all TEC members. It provides several options, including running and yoga.

"I believe the team that developed this program did an excellent job of offering workout options that can meet the needs of all of our members," said Col. Jessica Meyeraan, commander, in an email. "The workout routines are tailorable and varied and will likely challenge the gamut 'from super fit' to 'just wanna be more fit.'"

There are more than 80 Airmen and civilians on the TEC's staff.

Wilson Hall offers staff, students and guests a variety of physical fitness equipment, training rooms, showers and a men's' and women's locker room. The TEC's running track is an oval, 400-meter track. The base also has two tennis courts and beach volleyball.

Castro said he began working out with another person shortly after his arrival last August. More coworkers joined his cardio workouts. Then he gave a demonstration to the commander and others for their official program.

"They really liked it," he said. "It's challenging, it's intense, but the benefit of the cardio class is that you will continue to burn calories throughout the day."

Castro also noted that the workouts have a low injury risk.

"I definitely see a lot of people taking part of it," said Castro. "There's no excuse, really, not to work out now. The commander's giving us the time."