Warrior Network sites must realign satellite dishes by July 15

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Mike R. Smith
  • I.G. Brown Training and Education Center
The I.G. Brown Training and Education Center announced here earlier this year that Warrior Network downlink site managers must realign their satellite dishes by July 15 to receive uninterrupted broadcasts.

Master Sgt. John Anderson, broadcast manager for TEC TV, said in an online video message in April that the orbital satellite migration beginning June 1 will change the satellite reception coordinates.

The TEC broadcasts to more than 180 downlink sites nationwide to enable live television for virtual conferences, workshops and functional manager meetings.

"If you don't coordinate the migration, you will lose your Warrior Network signal," said Anderson.

The Air National Guard's broadcast capabilities here are also a key support element for satellite NCO Academy, satellite Airman Leadership School, and professional continuing education.

Anderson said that the satellite provider plans to contact each Air National Guard downlink site to help managers realign their dishes.

"You should only notice a temporary disruption," said Anderson.

Someone must be available to reply to the provider no later than July 15, 2014.

Downlink sites can get in touch with the TEC to ensure their correct contact information is used for migration efforts at DSN 266-3878, or tec.warriornet@ang.af.mil.