Video by Master Sgt. Erik Gallion, Master Sgt. Timothy Kinnan, Staff Sgt. Andrea Posey, Master Sgt. Chalanda Roberts
ANG Strategic Planning System
I.G. Brown Training and Education Center
Oct. 1, 2021 | 1:48
This is an informational video of the Strategic Planning System of the Air National Guard.

The Air National Guard is community based and globally engaged. It provides support to local communities and to operations throughout the world. It is an agile and accessible force that provides support across a range of operations.
In addition to working issues through the unit chain of command, the Strategic Planning System provides and additional avenue of communication for improvement. This is the recognized channel of coordination, collaboration, and communication on important issues facing the Air National Guard.
It provides executive-level strategy and advise from the field to the director of the Air National Guard and TAGs.
The SPS focuses on areas including: Force Development, Force Structure, Partnerships, Processes, and Communication.
Also aligned with ANG Capstone principles, the Strategic Planning System helps to communicate and describe the attributes of the Air National Guard.
The Air National Guard is a robust organization of warriors who have answered their nation's call. Even with stellar performers and war-fighting capabilities, the Air National Guard always has room for improvement.
Get your concerns and ideas heard! Visit the website, and help meet the demands of the states, territories and the District of Columbia. The Air National Guard looks forward to hearing your input.

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