Chief Master Sergeant Paul H. Lankford EPME Center

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The Chief Master Sergeant Paul H. Lankford Enlisted Professional Military Education Center is a division of the I.G. Brown Training and Education Center. The Center conducts an average 16 EPME courses annually. Typically, the Center accommodates service members from the Total Air Force, Coast Guard and partner nation armed forces. There are traditional in-resident and blended learning courses. In-resident programs deliver EPME in five-six weeks. Blended Learning Courses are conducted through a Learning Management System with online instructors. It consists of a six week asynchronous learning environment followed by a two week in-resident experience. The Center is one of the Air Force's top producers of EPME students. Read more.  

Ann Ramey Stokes    Senior Master Sgt. Ann Ramey Stokes is the interim Commandant of the Chief Master Sergeant Paul H. Lankford Enlisted Professional Military Education Center at McGhee Tyson Air National Guard Base in Tennessee and also serves as director of education. She is responsible for the daily operations and public perception of the United States Air Force's largest and longest continuously running EPME center. Read more.
USAF Noncommissioned Officer Academy is a six week course that further builds upon the leadership skills needed as Airmen progress to mid-career status as noncommissioned officers. See the | Student Guide | for attending NCOA.   Students 
Auditorium   USAF Airman Leadership School is a five-week course that prepares Senior Airmen for positions of greater responsibility by providing many of the leadership skills required of supervisors and reporting officials. See the | Student Guide | for attending ALS.
Our EPME graduations and banquets are a celebration of student accomplishment with inspiring key-note speakers. While the TEC encourages leadership, Airmen and family attendance, interested parties should work with their student(s) directly for attendance at any graduation or banquet. Most graduations are broadcast on bases' closed circuit | Warrior Network | and live-streamed on Facebook ANGTECTV.   Retreat ceremony 

Professional Continuing Education

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Professional Continuing Education (see courses menu on this web page) on behalf of the National Guard Bureau functions as the program management office for the Instructional Development, Production, and Transmission Branches, develops and maintains advanced distributive learning and video products, and manages the Warrior Network.     
    Instructional Development is CCAF accredited as the I.G. Brown School. We bolster skillsets. Skill Enhancement Training includes training certificate courses, advanced services courses, instructor certification, general officer support staff training, public affairs courses, and more. We identify if training is educationally sound, is the best method, and reaches the level of learning needed. We audit courses for training gaps and transform briefings into lessons with student participation, evaluation. We achieve accreditation for some training. We work with other branches to develop Advanced Distributive Leaning.
Production Branch personnel include broadcasting, video, and graphic experts who work with Instructional Development and Transmission to turn your data, ideas, requirements, and graphics into professional products.    
    PCE's Transmission Branch includes the Air Guard's satellite television broadcast studios, TEC TV, and Warrior Network, housed and operated on campus. It provides information transport capabilities for the purpose of mass communication and distance learning via satellite to 189 downlink sites across the nation.

Live broadcasts for virtual conferences, workshops, and functional meetings reduce travel expenses while providing relevant, timely content to the field. Broadcast capabilities are a key support to Professional Continuing Education, on/off campus, to include live/time-delay broadcast of courses and workshops, enabling maximum exposure at minimum cost.    
    PCE delivers training, conferencing, workshops, command information, news, and other video content to networked ANG systems to include workstation computers. This capability increases the accessibility of content for all ANG members, reduces or eliminates travel expenses, and leverages technology to achieve missions.

PCE Courses

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Students MUST register for the course through the BASE FORCE DEVELOPMENT Office (previously known as Base Education and Training Manager).

Schedule: contact instructor development, 865-336-3859 (DSN 266-3859), for availability as well as traveling courses*.

Reporting instructions (PDF): Click Here

Course length: 10 days

College credits: 3 CCAF credit hours

Course description: this two-week Instructor Certification Program Course introduces students to the philosophy, methodologies and practice of the Instructional Systems Design model. Students learn how to analyze student needs, design educational academic or criterion objectives, develop lesson plans and student materials and teach from these lesson plans using two different teaching methodologies; in most cases, the Informal Lecture and the Demonstration performance teaching methods. Students also develop evaluative instruments such as multiple choice test questions and performance evaluations to ensure students have mastered educational objectives. Students also analyze test data, participate in student counseling sessions and provide feedback to other students in the course. This course is a mandatory requirement for Satellite Facilitators.  

*Seats for the traveling courses are reserved for the sponsoring unit.  If additional seats become available they will be advertised to the field.  Students entered into the course not from the hosting unit will have TLNs canceled.

Schedule: contact the coordinator, 865-336-3817 (DSN 266-3817), for dates and availability.

Course length:  3 days

College credits: None

Course description:  the General Officer Support Staff Course is a three-day comprehensive course, emphasizing basic position information necessary to serve and support general officers.  This course is designed to give support staff the knowledge and skills needed to be successful. Subject matter experts prepare, design and deliver lesson plans with the assistance of personnel from the TEC's Professional Continuing Education staff.

Day 1  Hours  Day 2 Hours Day 3 Hours
 Intro/Overview 1 GOMO Office 2 Capstone Study  
 The Position 3 Inspector General 2 Enlisted Perspective 1
 Protocol 3 Public Affairs Policies and Procedures GO's Perspective 1
 Breakout by Role 2 Legislative Liaison 1 Breakout W/SMEs 2

Working Dinner

3           Certificate


contact the coordinator, 240-612-9490 (DSN 612-9490) for dates and availability.

Reporting instructions: the first Monday is a travel day. Report to billeting to check in and receive your welcome packet. This will provide report times, building and classroom number. The last Friday is a full day, so do not schedule flights prior to 4 p.m. EST. McGhee Tyson Air National Guard Base base is co-located with Knoxville International Airport. There are no base shuttles, but local taxi services are available to bring you base-side. Course instructors also have transportation and pickup from the airport available, but contact must be made prior to departing from your home.

Course length:  10 days

College credits: none

Course description:  provides the training, knowledge and skills needed to serve as a public affairs manager. This includes identifying the mission and functions for a public affairs office, deployment of assets and management of resources, budgeting, customer relations and ethics, along with safety considerations. Includes in-depth theoretical and working knowledge of how a public affairs office functions. All students should be prepared to discuss local policy and procedures practiced at their bases. Students are encouraged to bring programs, products and training aids (i.e., media kit, brochure, web site instructions) for the marketing and operating of their facility. A copy of a mission/vision statement and other descriptive literature or brochures is beneficial.

Units should check with their base command chiefs and/or unit chiefs to coordinate TEC instructor travel and classes at their bases. A video of the Bullet Writing Class is available on the TEC public web site, under the News tab.

Class length: Two hours

College credits: none

Class description: the objective for the TEC Bullet Writing Class is for each Airman to comprehend the process of effective bullet writing. The course provides the basic information essential to successfully build bullets for EPRs, 1206s, Form 77s, etc.  It focuses on how the bullet should be structured based on the Action, Impact, and Result method.  The lesson also provides a way to ensure effective writing by using the concept of Accuracy, Brevity, and Specificity.



Mission Support Division

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The Mission Support Division provides force management, professional development, logistics, and information services to faculty, staff, and students. MSD is the linchpin between the TEC and the base host - the 134th Air Refueling Wing - enabling efficient campus operations and integrated facilities management.

Operations at Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base

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Airmen assigned to the operating location at Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base, Ala., ensure that the Air Guard is fully integrated into Air Force enlisted education, professional development, and training programs. Representatives are assigned to the Barnes Center for Enlisted Education to develop curriculum, provide instruction, and advise senior leaders.