TEC offers third journalism mentorship program

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  • I.G. Brown Training and Education Center
The I.G. Brown Training and Education Center announced today that it is accepting nominations here for the third Air National Guard journalism mentorship program.

The course, Understanding Air National Guard News, Writing and More, relies on a long-distance mentorship that allows public affairs Airmen to hone their skills. The TEC first offered the popular program in early 2014.

The next program will take place during five unit training assemblies, beginning Sept. 1, 2015. Nominees are due by August 17 to Senior Master Sgt. Chris Gillis, National Guard public affairs career field manager, christopher.p.gillis.mil@mail.mil. The course is open to all Air National Guard public affairs Airmen who want basic news writing skills to support their units.

The TEC will return to facilitate the program and will highlight some of the nation's top Air National Guard journalists. The program will additionally offer dial-in or social media sessions with spotlighted journalists.

This is a free training program through email and phone, which helps writers develop highly edited news articles from UTA weekend assignments. Public affairs officers and earlier students across the Air National Guard regard the program well.

Here is an opportunity to have proven journalists write direct feedback and comments on unit news articles. The spotlights also give special exercises and tips on weekend drill coverage as well as in National Guard-specific news support.

Students need to complete the newswriting computer-based training on the Air Force Advanced Distributive Learning Service (ADLS) first. Supervisors should send the completion certificate and an emailed consent from the public affairs officer as well as the student's military and personal email addresses and telephone numbers.  Please also send the email and telephone number for the public affairs officer.

The TEC is accepting only 15 nominees, so please send your nominee packages by August 17, 2015.