Meyeraan takes command of I.G. Brown Training and Education Center

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  • By Master Sgt. Mike R. Smith
  • I.G. Brown Training and Education Center
Col. Jessica Meyeraan took charge of the I.G. Brown Training and Education Center today during a change-of-command ceremony on campus here, calling transformation and balance the themes of her command.

"As your 12th commander I am committed to helping you be the best," Meyeraan told a gathering of Airmen and distinguished visitors inside Spruance Hall.

"The exceptionalism that you have demonstrated - that has been recognized most recently by your organizational excellence award - is inspiring, and it's awesome, and I can't wait to see and discover what more we can do."

Meyeraan, a career intelligence officer with experience at the squadron, group, major command and combatant command levels, replaces Col. Tim Cathcart, who has been reassigned as an assistant to the Director, Air National Guard, in Washington D.C.

Prior to her current assignment, Meyeraan was in charge of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance for the National Guard Bureau, a directorate that oversees more than 7,000 ISR personnel in more than 60 ISR units, which conduct ground-based ISR missions. The directorate is also responsible for the functional and career field management of intelligence personnel embedded in more than 80 flying units and other operational activities.

Before directing the National Guard's ISR, Meyeraan served for nearly a year as the Air National Guard advisor to the Commander of the Air Force's ISR Agency.

She also has a background in professional military education, having served a three-year tour as an AFROTC instructor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Commissioned after earning a bachelor's degree in 1988 from the University of Iowa - Iowa City, Meyeraan has served many missions as an analyst for the United Sates Central Command in its overseas contingency operations.

The Air National Guard Readiness Center's commander, Brig. Gen. R. Scott Williams, who officiated the change of command, praised the TEC's staff as well as Meyeraan and Cathcart.

"These are the finest colonels you could ever ask to work for," said Williams.

Williams praised Meyeraan as an experienced officer with all the right qualifications.

"She has a 23 year record of exceptional performance. She stood up and designed the STRATCOM global initiative strategy center at the University of Nebraska," Williams told the audience.

"The one assignment that I can relate to was as the Command Briefer down at CENTCOM. She took all the intelligence from overnight from around world and synthesized that to something useable ... to advise the Chairman in how he prosecuted wars overseas.

"I believe she is perfectly poised for this job.

Williams also had high praise for Cathcart, whom he called "an exceptional commander."

"Tim has an innovative spirit that fuels how he drives his people, how he drives his command and it's a vital attribute to have as a United States Air Force officer," said Williams.

Cathcart has commanded the TEC since 2011. He oversaw the PCE and EPME of thousands of Airmen as well as strengthened relations with customers, international partners, joint mission providers and the community. He also led the $2.7 million upgrade of the TEC TV Warrior Network, transmitting more than 2,000 hours of broadcasts and training.

Cathcart gave his parting remarks in telling TEC's staff that their contributions make communities, the Nation, and the world a better place.

"I look forward to hearing of your future accomplishments and successes," said Cathcart.

The I.G. Brown Training and Education Center is home to about 85 staff members from the regular Air Force, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Command. The center's mission is to engage, educate and inspire leaders responsible for the nation's defense.