Leaders, experts support TEC’s tradition of top speakers

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Mike R. Smith
  • I.G. Brown Training and Education Center
Some of the nation's top leaders in military service spoke with students in recent weeks here at the I.G. Brown Training an Education Center.

Their distinguished visits supported the TEC's Enlisted Professional Military Education and Professional Continuing Education Programs, said officials.

"It's an important part of the educational experience that we learn from Airmen that have gone before," said Col. Timothy Cathcart, TEC commander. "In many cases, that is who speaks here."

The latest "who's who" of motivation and insight for students and staff included Lt. Gen. Stanley E. Clarke III, director of the Air National Guard, Chief Master Sgt. James Hotaling, command chief of the Air National Guard, and Lt. Col. Tom Crosson, press officer for the Department of Defense.

Cathcart also said that guidance from a cross section of ranks, insight and perspective provides value-added support to teaching future leaders about decision making.

About 4,000 students train on campus each year from the Total Force, Coast Guard, Canada and other nations.

Civilian authorities also spoke, to include Charlotte Hu, public web chief for the Air Force Public Affairs Agency, and Cynthia Minnick, chief of the National Guard Bureau's Public Affairs Operations.

Still, other speakers, to include the Air National Guard's command chief, were here to broadcast and record their messages at the TEC's Warrior Network HD television studios for Airmen stationed nationwide.

"TEC is an awesome complex," said Hu in an email.

Hu arrived from San Antonio Feb. 10 to speak with 18 Airmen in the Public Affairs Managers Seminar.

Hu shared her insight and knowledge as the Air Force's leading authority in military web sites and their emergent technology.

"We have a range of exciting new technologies coming online for digital publishing, and I'm sharing these emerging technologies with the PA Managers," said Hu.

Hu spent a full day in the classroom and met with Airmen who would normally never get to meet her.

One of the seminar's instructors, Master Sgt. Bill Conner, said that TEC's consistent, top speakers are valuable.

"Mrs. Hu's lectures were extremely informative on what is going on in the Air Force today for public affairs managers," said Conner. "We have the experts share their knowledge and answer questions, first-hand."

TEC's history shows the titles and names of hundreds of guest speakers since 1968 with a combined knowledge allied to leadership and service.

"We reach out," said retired Col. Edmund Morrisey, the TEC's first commander and Air Force Order of the Sword honoree. "And it's because of our reputation ... not only our external image, but our internal image, is what brings them."

Among the guest speakers during Morrisey's command were Air Force Medal of Honor recipients, Maj. Bernard Francis "Bernie" Fisher and Col. George Everett "Bud" Day. Some others included the first Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, Chief Master Sgt. Paul W. Airey and "role models from every major mission" in the Air Force.