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  • EPME instructors bring professional writing to Nashville

    A professional writing class, the first of its kind taught in the Air National Guard, descended upon Berry Field Air National Guard Base on Oct. 1 in Nashville, Tennessee.The class, which covered professional writing situations, supervisory writing skills, and the overall effectiveness of writing,

  • Avoid 'death by slides' with five lesson plan reasons

    It's a common fear to give instruction before a group, but experts at the I.G. Brown Training and Education Center said recently that if you put presentation slides aside, and take time to plan, you can write lessons that feel comfortable and make class less punishing."Just relying on PowerPoint is

  • Center displays a journeyed Stars and Stripes

    The National Flag Day Foundation reports that Flag Day, soon a 100-year-old American observance, was first proclaimed May 1916 by President Woodrow Wilson. The Stars and Stripes, in their birth by congress, however, were adopted June 14, 1777, and that's the day we observe it. This year, it's on a

  • Logistics manager, former instructor has new assignment: training officers

    When Master Sgt. Don Pierson is on campus, he's likely into something unforeseen ... if you can track him. Each day changes, as if through a Magic 8-Ball. It shakes up, and the random possibilities go from "Outlook Good" to "Ask Again Later."    During his last four years at the I.G. Brown Training

  • Chaplain assistant gives, gains enlisted leadership

    Classrooms line the hallways of the enlisted professional military education center in east Tennessee. They're filled with Airmen as Air Force lessons resound through doorways. A look inside shows them sitting in a semi-circle, focused on instructors.Tech. Sgt. John McClean, with the Paul H.

  • Air National Guard marathon time solidifies 2016 team's workup

    Chief Master Sgt. Edward Walden had been waiting, reassuring the Air National Guard marathon team, their units, friends and family that they ran very well, when the race officials made an anticipated announcement.He sat in his office here Dec. 10 overlooking the I.G. Brown Training and Education

  • Switcher directs her last satellite broadcasts

    It's her last switch as well as her next switch: after videography missions with Army infantry in Iraq, then conquering a broadcast control room comparable to a major television studio's, one Airman said that she hopes for something challenging.Tech Sgt. Chalanda Roberts just began her last