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  • Airman Leadership distance course marks change, release

    Officials at the Thomas N. Barnes Center for Enlisted Education announced the release today, May 1, of a new version of the Airman Leadership Distance Learning Course (ALDLC) entitled, "Course 00003." The course is used by Air National Guard members for distance learning of the normally in-resident instructed Airman Leadership School, which is a
  • Here's a kick ... Ahem ... some tips for enlisted advancement

    Does it require too much of a kick to advance as a service member? Does the thought of electronic career development courses (e-CDC) and professional military education (PME) study outside the base gate seem unmanageable? Instructors here at the Paul H. Lankford Enlisted Professional Military Education Center have some tips.Family, jobs,
  • Air Guard members run, stop to reflect on Sexual Assault

    Air National Guard members here ran a 5K foot race recently to help bring awareness to sexual assault victim support and prevention and reflected later on its statistics. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.Airmen from the I.G. Brown Training and Education Center ran April 20 near the University of Tennessee in support of the run/walk 5K East
  • Satellite Airman Leadership School gets well positioned

    When the message went out months ago that Airman Leadership School might be offered in blended learning again through a satellite program there was a colossal, "Please do this!!" response to Master Sgt. Kirk Hayes and his Paul H. Lankford Enlisted Professional Military Education Center teammates.The I.G. Brown Training and Education Center here
  • First some hard learning, then celebration at TEC

    It started with introductions, like formations, like group discussions - and then sharing personal experiences.It gave them presentations, homework and tests that broke through comfort zones, like a gauntlet.It put up barriers of physical fitness and uniform inspections outdoors in the hand-numbing winter air.But amazingly, officials say, the
  • Alaska Trooper gains, gives at Air Force NCO academy

    Tech. Sgt. Brian Zeisel with the Alaska Air National Guard is modest about the recognition he gets from leading his Alaska State Trooper K9, "Argo," through some dangerous law enforcement dispatches.As a full time State Trooper with more than 10 years' service, thousands see Zeisel's patrols in Fairbanks, Alaska, on cable TV.That's because he is on
  • Center's quarterly award winners announced

    Two people were recently selected as the I.G. Brown Training and Education Center's Noncommissioned Officer and Civilian of the Quarter, covering the first quarter of the calendar year, January to March 2013.Both individuals work here as part of the Media Engagement Division in the TEC for the Air National Guard, and each is a full-time
  • Airmen now learn in HD with Guard’s NCO Academy

    The Air National Guard's center for training and education is leveraging live high-definition, high-bitrate video to develop Airmen with the high quality associated with an in-residence experience - but at a fraction of the cost.Currently the I.G. Brown Training and Education Center, or TEC, is in full swing delivering a blended learning
  • Air Guard spouse sets bar as national woman powerlifter

    Competition brings out your best when you are a competitor, and for the spouse of one Air National Guard member it means lifting more weight than most men can grasp. In her personal best powerlift competition, Vikki Traugot benched 325 lbs., deadlifted 408 lbs. and squatted 480 pounds."My wife is currently the number three rated woman powerlifter
  • Air National Guard learning center gives through home building

    At least 25 Airmen with the Air National Guard's I.G. Brown Training and Education Center here brought hammers and carpentry skills to bear to help Knoxville residents Saturday, March 9 by finishing their home through "Habitat for Humanity."Staff, instructors and students of the Center, which manages the Air Guard's enlisted professional military