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  • So much for fitness insanity, and excuses

    Most times I’ve come home from work so far this year, my wife asks me the same thing: “What are you doing for a workout?”
  • A guard for men and mice, 380 years ago

    It may pass unnoticed like the cat in the crowd this Spring – except in Massachusetts – that America celebrates 380 years since a militia first gathered together in defense of the community.
  • Thank you so much for all the ‘thanks’

    If I went through my past receipts on military discounts I would calculate a lot of cash left in my wallet from the generosity and appreciation of American businesses through the years. Especially from hardware stores.
  • We can't go wrong developing Airmen through their feedback

    How can we go wrong if we develop a course for Airmen, by Airmen, with Airmen's feedback guiding the way? I do not believe that we can.The Chief Master Sergeant Paul H. Lankford Enlisted Professional Military Education Center graduated our first Airman Leadership School Blended Learning Course - class 16‐8.Never before has an Airman completed
  • How EPME women progressed AF leadership

    How EPME women progressed AF leadership
  • If we're smart, learning does not get easier

    When we can't see a personal benefit in an old task, and we give it our all in any event, we're smarter for it.I have to admit that I almost went to rewrite.If you don't know journalism much, rewrite is a term that can define a form of self-plagiarism, where you recycle your own work without telling readers. (It's also a system of reporting news
  • A 21-smile Airmen 'offensive'

    Is a smile contagious? Some scientists think so.Emotion studies at Harvard Medical University report that our positive relationships and social connections can increase our happiness, and it can even spread and build up, much like a cold.Of course many of us may already know that. The famous American musician Louis Armstrong did not need an
  • Run out, share your safety story this summer

    You'd think that I'd run out of personal safety experiences after several years of writing commentaries on my klutzy screw-ups. But considering that hazards abound, I persist in embarrassing myself again to support the summer safety campaigns - not forgetting to share the lessons that I learned.I'm not a safety expert, but I think that there are
  • Keeping track of our moments in space

     No one at the I.G. Brown Training and Education Center knew of NASA astronaut Lt. Col. John M. Lounge, a member of the Texas Air National Guard. That's what made it so awkward recently, when I uncovered an amazing piece of history from this man, who flew on three space shuttle missions. I recently discovered a TEC unit patch - now framed with a
  • Why I don't know much about MLK

    An equal opportunity manager would likely caution me in discussing civil rights through a personal commentary, but I decided to be stronger than both of our misgivings.I'm likely among millions of Generation Xers who were not connected to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s history, by default.After all, I was born in 1968, so I also missed Dr. King's