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  • happens

    They say mistakes happen as a part of life; they're not preventable.

  • Season's hazards lie in wait

    Seasonal safety tips are everywhere, online and through other’s examples, so please read them and share them.

  • The best, worst selfie

    Pause, put your best face forward in your decisions to use social media when in uniform.

  • A note on 'Re-blued'

    As Airmen return to their home stations, they are more than likely to encounter those who want them to share their experiences as well as those who are opposed to them. Do not let the later discourage them from making an impact.

  • Campus vigilance means taking attention

    Staff and faculty have the considerable responsibility to ensure that they are informed and without questions on what they should do in the event of an emergency.

  • Let your innovation be known

    The news drew excitement and pride from many in the Air Force last month, an announcement of finalists in the Spark Tank competition that collects innovative ideas from the Air Force major commands and selects the best at the headquarters level.